Most baristas are like ugh pumpkin spice season again but I’m just here being thankful I don’t have to make any more fucking mocha cookie crumble frappuccinos


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I just remembered the night that I crept out of my bedroom, stole in to the kitchen, and then snagged an entire tube of cookie dough out of the fridge. I ran with it back to my room, and climbed in to my closet. I huddled there under a blanket, sobbing, and ate the entire tube of cookie dough. I hated myself…I hated me more than I ever imagined anyone could hate someone, much less themselves. 

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Found slenderman at a movie theater in SL…I said hi…I call him Slendy now. 
New Dreams

I’m lazy, and I never write…

    Deal with it. 

  Also, I’m starting to be a different and better person. I have interests and hobbies and so much more that I want to do. 

   I’m wiser than I was, I’m less naive (which is a loss and a gain in itself.) I believe that I am a more well rounded person as well as someone that most people I encounter would like to get to know better. 

   I have plans to make my life better and I simply need the willpower to make myself a better person. Being positive is one of the hardest things for me to accomplish…I’m a negative, or ‘realistic’ person by nature simply because I grew up the way that I did…with the family that I have. 

  I would rather be ‘realistic’ than be hopeful…I view that as a character fault instead of a strength now…although I suppose putting all my hopes and dreams out into the world could be a weakness. 

 Anyway, the point of all this is that I have dreams and aspirations that I could never have imagined even half a year ago. 

  I want to open up my own coffee-house and bakery…I want to reach the point where I am comfortable with who I am physically, mentally, and emotionally…I have plans in place to do all these things and will share more as time goes on. 

   I hope everyone who is reading this blog, and everyone who is sharing their time with me…can stay, wait, and learn right along with me. 

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I like feeling alone sometimes, I think it just depends on whether you have bacon or not. If I have bacon, I don’t wanna share, so I would rather be alone.